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In the Beginning...

It all started with two determined men and a vision. Founded by Scott Campbell Jr. and Ian Randall, Beaver Creek Firewood began its journey in March 2023 on a dirt lot alongside the highway in the small town of Emmett, Idaho. Fast-forward one year, and Beaver Creek Firewood has moved up to a 15,000-square-foot warehouse with over 20 employees and an ever-growing customer base. After starting locally here in Idaho, we have expanded our business to 12 states altogether. We have gotten to this point by providing a superior-quality firewood bundle at a competitive price. Our bundles are shrink-wrapped in a virtually sliver-free packaging with a convenient handle for easy carrying.

About Us

A pile of wood that is cut and stacked.

Firewood Facts

Most of our wood is sustainably harvested dead wood from the Idaho forest floors, helping manage forests and mitigate the spread of wildfires.

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Motto of the Day

Everyone likes a little wood
every now and then!

A box of wood with the words beaver creek on it.

Firewood Products

We supply high-quality bundles straight to your door! Buy just one or many. Sold individually, by the pallet and wholesale!

Hear From Our Satisfied Customers!

Shawn K - 12/5/2023

Quality Product

Wood burns great and is bundled nicely. I will keep buying from these guys.

William Parker - 11/30/2023

Best Firewood Bundles!

The packaging is really nice. I don't leave a trail of wood pieces from my garage to my living room and I can carry a few at a time with the handles.

Jordan Barnhill - 11/8/2023

Great Packaging!

Nice packaging with a handle to carry & good price. Highly recommend.

Brandy Schmidt - 11/2/2023

Nice Packaging

Packaged really well. Not messy or falling apart like other bundles I've bought. The handle is a nice touch.

Mary - 11/2/2023


"Easy to carry and no mess."

Randall - 10/12/2023

Handy handle!

What a great idea. The packaging is great, easy to carry with the handles. Love it.